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Please feel free to have a listen to our music and let us know what you think.


We write mainly about life experiences and a lot of travelling and different locations around the world.



Man Eating Woman


This is a fun track we like to play with not so subtle references to "that girl" We've all been there and had that opinion, we guess at least we've verbalised it!



Height Depth Width Life


The two dark beasts become as one.... can you notice the theme of ladies ruling our lives and causing chaos!




Picture Book


This song has known to last 15 minutes as it is the perfect jamming song! Usually the perfect track for budding musicians in the crowd to come on stage and just join in



With some members of the band in their young 60's we have seena lot of the world and certainly have a few words to say about it.





Obviously there is a lot to say about "Mud Island", this is what we think!

Better than America


This is a follow on for England.... God bless the USA.

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